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SCCT SpectraClean(TM) Commercial Troffer provides both design and value with an architectural appearance, LED technology to reduce maintenance and a full family including 2'x4', 2'x2', 1'x4' and 1'x2' sizes. SCCT is offered with a wide range of options for classrooms, offices and retail applications; SCCT can be ordered in blended, blended plus or independent SpectraClean(TM) modes.

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Option 1: Blended -- SpectraClean enhanced white light for ambient lightingwith continuous disinfection;Option 2: Blended Plus -- SpectraClean enhanced white light with a highintensity, Dedicated SpectraClean mode for scheduled maximum disinfection;Option 3: Independent -- Alternates between pure white light and DediciatedSpectraClean mode for scheduled maximum disinfection;High performance white reflector with matte white paint standard;Acrylic center lens features linear prisms for high performancewithout pixelation;LED modules and electrical accessible from below;

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