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The Litepak LNC4 is the largest wallpack in the popular Litepak series. The LNC4 features four different lumen packages and multiple distributions and CCT for maximum light level and mounting height flexibility. Capable of replacing up to 400w HID solutions at over 70% energy savings, the LNC4 can be spaced at up to 5 times mounting height providing excellent performance and uniformity. Ideal applications include: perimeter illumination, schools, factories, hospitals, warehouses and retail applications.

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Spec Sheets


IES Files

LNC4 36L 3K 065 2 U8WP.IES

LNC4 36L 3K 065 3 U8DF.IES

LNC4 36L 3K 065 4 UHFO.IES

LNC4 36L 3K 105 2 U0AC.IES

LNC4 36L 3K 105 3 U5GR.IES

LNC4 36L 3K 105 4 UV3O.IES

LNC4 36L 4K 065 2 UL0U.IES

LNC4 36L 4K 065 3 UPWV.IES

LNC4 36L 4K 065 4 UXYU.IES

LNC4 36L 4K 105 2 UKEE.IES

LNC4 36L 4K 105 3 U6UV.IES

Fixture Details

Color Temperature:

3000K @ 70 CRI;4000K @ 70 CRI;5000K @ 70 CRI






Dark Bronze;White

Features Benefits:

Easy to install and retrofit existing HID luminaires with same footprint;Capable of replacing up to 400w+ HID luminaires;Zero uplight Compact LED Architectural Wallpack;Inverted "up" mounting capable;Control capabilities offer additional energy savings options;DLC (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see www.designlights.org;

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